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Did You Know About National Clean Off Your Desk Day???

January 10, 2012

Did you know that yesterday was National Clean Off Your Desk Day???!!!!

We can’t believe no one told us!  January 9, 2012, was the day, we as a nation should have all cleaned up our desks. Do not panic,  we are sure it will be okay if we get to it today.

According to M.Colleen Klimczak, a professional organizer, there are 6 easy tips to get your work space in order.

  1. Remove non-work related items from your desk.
  2. Set up a physical system for “Passive Papers” — documents that have been acted upon and are now waiting for a pre-determined time until they are no longer needed for reference (e.g., receipts, bills, bank statements, etc.). Klimczak suggests creating a system of hanging folders, labeled by date, either on your desk or in a nearby drawer.
  3. Set up a physical system for “Active Papers,” also in vertical folders, labeled with the action that need to be taken, or by client name, or project.
  4. Set up a specific space for “Archived Papers” for long-term record keeping and label by date, client, or project.
  5. “Treasures,” such as your children’s school projects, received greeting cards, and photos, should be moved to a shelf or wall, out of your desk’s active workspace.
  6. Grab two bags, one for papers to shred and one for recycling. Start distributing your desk papers to their new homes.

Source: Peace of Mind Professional Organizing



Go Green!

October 24, 2011

There are so many easy things you can do to save energy, lower your electric bill and help the environment.  Here are a few tips to go green:

    1. Unplug appliances & electronics that you are not using.  If you only use your DVD player once a month, why not just keep it unplugged until you use it next.  Also, unplug your mp3 & cell phone chargers when not in use.
    2. Use CFL light bulbs and dispose of them properly at stores like Lowes or Ikea.
    3. Wash your laundry in cold water.
    4. When shopping, use reusable totes, this is kinder to the environment and some stores even give you credit for bringing your own bags.
    5. Turn off your computer when you are not using it.
    6. Turn the setting of your water heater down to 120 degrees.
    7. When cooking, try to use the slow cooker, microwave, or toaster oven instead of your full size stove/oven range.
    8. Request e-statements for bills instead of paper bills.
    9. Install low -flow shower heads in your bathroom.
    10. Use rechargeable batteries to reduce hazardous waste.

For more tips on going green, check out:

October is Crime Prevention Month

October 3, 2011

Did you know that October is Crime Prevention Month?  The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) first declared Crime Prevention Month in 1984.  According to NCPC,  “October has become the official month for recognizing and celebrating the practice of crime prevention, while promoting awareness of important issues such as victimization, volunteerism, and creating safer, more caring communities. The month-long celebration spotlights successful crime prevention efforts on the local, state, and national levels.”

Here are just a few easy crime prevention tips:

  • Lock your sheds, garages, bicycles, windows & doors
  • Be extra careful when carrying a wallet or purse; only carry what you absolutely need in them. They are prime targets for criminals in crowded shopping areas, transportation terminals, and bus stops.
  • Avoid leaving your garage door remote in the car whenever possible.
  • If you absolutely have to walk alone, walk on well lighted walkways and plan your route ahead of time. Avoid places where attackers might hide (spaces between parked cars, overgrown shrubs, dark passageways) and area where you might get cornered. Remember, it is best to walk facing traffic.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY…. If a crime occurs, report it ASAP!

Keller Williams Realty is NOW #2 in Real Estate for the U.S.A!

March 30, 2011

KW South Bay is on Facebook!

March 24, 2011

Did you know that Keller Williams Realty South Bay has its own Facebook page?  If you have a Facebook account, please click the link below and “LIKE” our page.  If you are a KW South Bay associate and  need any assistance with this or if you want to set-up a Facebook Profile/Business Page contact Natalie Piatt.  Thank you!!!